Project Overview

People living in California are always on the lookout for the best, non-toxic and environment-friendly cleaning services. Most importantly, most of the cleaning business do have websites, but it is not user-friendly and there aren’t much details available about them online.

We came across a client who is a janitorial service provider in Santa Cruz, California. They were struggling with the lack of knowledge about the best online marketing strategies. In addition, the regular online visits to their website were very less and they weren’t aware about any kind of social media strategies.


Promote the services of the company through social media postings. Also, increase the number of online visitors to the website.


Improved the brand value of the company in Santa Cruz and neighboring areas. Used organic social media and SEO strategies to bring the company’s name in the first page of the search results.

Details About The Company

Having more than 40 years of experience, the janitorial service provider is one of the most professional cleaning service companies in Santa Cruz. They are popular in providing clean, safe, and healthy environment to employees and clients using best and comprehensive cleaning methods.

The success they have achieved for a long time is based on the flexibility and quality of services, budget-friendly rates and good customer satisfaction. They have a great team that handles all kinds of cleaning requirements.

The industries catered by them are

  • Office Cleaning
  • Bank Cleaning
  • Government Building
  • Schools & Universities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing


  • Improve the digital marketing presences.
  • Enhance the online brand image among the people in Santa Cruz.
  • Lack of social media activities.
  • Google My Business account is not properly utilized.

Solutions Provided By Us

Improved Online Presence

  • Published unique and value-added content on the website and blogs.
  • Worked and reworked on particular set of specific keywords related to cleaning services in California for various industries and businesses.
  • Improved the online presence and ensured the company’s name was displayed on the first page of the search results using commonly used and genuine keywords.

Google My Business

  • Created and optimized Google My Business listing using specific keyword-rich descriptions.
  • Listed all the business services of the cleaning company in Google My Business.
  • Created valuable posts and added attractive images.

Social Media Enhancements

  • Daily and weekly posting of social media content in a planned schedule.
  • Designed flyers and posters and posted them in the respective social media account.
  • Shared customer testimonials and feedback on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


  • The website visit increased to 120 % within three months.
  • Google My Page results were displayed on the first page and in the first three visibility.
  • Improved brand value and reach.
  • In the three months, the social media traffic growth was huge and around 200%.