Frequently Asked Questions

Nowadays, having a website is just not enough. Of course, a website is very much necessary and important; it serves as just the foundation for your online marketing presence. You need to do the promotion of your website through other digital marketing channels. This will set your business apart and provide good opportunities to attract new visitors.

Whenever you are creating a website, it needs to attract an online audience. For that, you need a good web design service provider. The homepage of your cleaning service website must be attractive, easy to understand, and clear of any kind of annoying pop-ups.

As a rule of thumb, marketing expenditures would be around 10-19% of the whole revenue. JBE provides budget-friendly business enhancement services that are economical and provide you with the required results you want.

JBE is an all-in-one digital marketing and business enhancement specialist for various international cleaning companies. Having more than a decade of experience in various digital marketing and business development services, we have helped more than 50 janitorial companies to achieve their targeted customer goals.

Now digital marketing allows businesses to increase brand awareness, share details about the cleaning services, engage with the audience, and even monitor the online reputation.

But digital advertising is different. It allows cleaning businesses to advertise and easily promote their services, promotes discounts and specials, etc. To put in simple terms digital marketing creates a target consumer audience and digital advertising brings this audience to sales.

Well, cleaning companies need to publish new blogs at least two times a month. Blogs are the best resources to keep your website updated with fresh and informative content, especially the ones that search engines want.

The major reason why search engine rankings change often is that they are constantly trying to improve and provide the best information for the users using them. This is why you need someone like us to monitor your online presence and make suitable adjustments to your online strategies when there are changes to your online search ranking factors.